Our Weekend

We were super busy this past weekend (gosh, that’s not at all repetitive, is it?). I feel like I’ll be making this statement up until our wedding is over. We spent Saturday morning at the farm where the wedding will be held, walking around and discussing Plans. It was all very useful, but a little bit overwhelming. A whole post coming about that soon, but for now, here are Tim and Theresa (coordinator and generally a wonderful lady) blurrily posing in front of the table arrangement.

Saturday afternoon was a bunch of cooking for me and working for Tim. Busy, busy busy.

Sunday morning we got up bright and early to a gray, slightly cool, slightly windy day, and headed out to our CSA farm to pick us some strawberries! Last year, it was a hot, sunny, windy day…this year’s cool, gray, breezy day was much better. The strawberries were also GIANT this year – a different breed, apparently.

Truly beautiful strawberries. We bought 26.5 lbs of them! Since we learned well from last year, we immediately processed all of them. There’s a post on that coming too – lots of berry bits everywhere! And you’d be surprised how sore you get when kneeling for an hour, picking! Ouch!

We also tried to order a birthday cake for me – turns out that the bakery we’d selected has an outdated website and has moved completely into their cafe business these days. Epic failure.

All in all, it was a peaceful but busy weekend…just like they always are. How about yours?

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One Response to Our Weekend

  1. -dad says:

    You guys are so cool! Hope that you had a great time.

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