About Us


I’m Ashley – a scientist in grad school, having moved from warm warm AZ to cold cold WI. In case you’d like to know, I’m not ashamed of the fact that my favorite song is Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’.

Feel free to contact me: ashlle1 @ gmail.com. Find me on ravelry: ashinwi

Like Ashley, I, too, am a scientist. Yet, I moved from warm, muggy Memphis to cold, cold Wisconsin. While I am a scientist, I find myself more interested in history and politics. I wonder if  I were a historian/political scientist I would be more interested in science.

My contact is biochemtim@gmail.com

Abigail is an Australian Cattle dog. Her favorite hobbies are barking out the window and smelling like fish. She’d like you to leave her alone while she naps. Ms. Abigail

Darbear Darwin is a beautiful golden hounddog, with the shortest legs you’ve seen on a dog his size. His favorite napping spot is in the warm sun, and he loves eating eggs more than a dog should. He’s so pretty.

Fritz is a redonkulous cross between a Corgi and a rat terrier. He loves treats, stealing the covers at night, and nibbling on your kneecaps. When he’s not working at the taqueria, Fritz interns as a circus dog. Fritz

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